Learn About Our New RELATIONSHIP GOALS Churchwide Series


  •  All About Relationship Goals: a NEW Churchwide 6-week series based around the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) that addresses singles and married couples at the same time.  
  • The Relationship Goals series includes sermons, video-based adult life group tracks for singles and marrieds, elementary and youth group lessons, and a parent guide for meaningful parent-kid conversations at home. 
  • How the sermons apply the RAM to a relationship with God first, and then to dating, marriage and church family relationships in EVERY message. 
  • The details of the small group ministry track for singles and the track for couples. 
  • The details of the elementary and youth lesson plans and accompanying Parent Guide. 
  • What pastors and churches are saying about their experience of Relationship Goals. 
  • How Relationship Goals series is a cost-efficient way to involve the ENTIRE congregation in small and large group growing experiences about building and sustaining godly and healthy relationships. 
  • How we support churches and congregations in their preparation and throughout their presentation of this series.